What is life about? What do we want? What did I want? I never felt more alive than when I could talk with other people, share ideas, uncover our desires. Or just sitting in a cafe and write, or riding a train and think. I don’t know why but most of my best thoughts are born on a train. As long as I’m moving, I’m happy.

There was a time I thought I needed to travel around the world but that isn’t the case anymore. The way I love to travel is to pick a destination and stay there for a while, getting to know the owner of a local bar who delights me with a new special dish every day. That was in Sevilla. The bar was tiny, covered in caricature drawings of the regulars there. He would make delicious snails, then meat fresh from a bull fight, then pigeon. Whatever he cooked, it was to die for! And I loved the feeling of being acknowledged as a regular, even if it was just for a few weeks.

Or my landlady in Veracruz, chatting with me over her morning coffee, showing me the latest stitching or drawing she did. She was almost 60, had 3 great kids and divorced, super fit, always busy with something, nursing her mother, keeping company to a local kid who had glass bones. A woman so kind and warm and wise, with the kind of calm I wished for myself.

Some of the people I meet stay in fond memory, others become friends for life. These connections that we make are the food for our soul which we need so much. I grew up in Slovenia where almost every town is a small town, people hanging out sipping coffee or a glass of wine is just part of every-day-life. Whatsapp and Facebook have not replaced getting together, it just added to the rich social life.

I miss the local dancing on Saturdays, I miss long talks, I miss the kind of creativity our school and town could offer. So I decided to create a place and events which warm and enlighten our hearts, not just yours but mine, too.

All the way from Slovenia and Germany, now for over 12 years in the UK, I would like to share with you perhaps a different point of view. It’s one view. But put it together with 10 others in a discussion and worlds open up, possibilities are created which we can not even imagine on our own. That is why I love building bridges. Without talking we are all shores separated by a river. Perhaps that is why I love taking pictures of bridges which I have integrated in my website. To build a bridge is an architectural challenge and marvel. And just as it takes effort and planning to build a stable and beautiful bridge, it takes skills to learn how to communicate better – hence my events. I hope you will enjoy them!

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