Having sex on money

Financial Safety and Horniness

Ever since the company I’m working for, hired me as a temp for a couple of additional days before New Year plus confirmed I will still be working for them in January, I noticed that I started lusting after my partner again and can’t keep my hands off him when I’m finally home.


The Runaway Bride

There is always a deeper reason why I keep re-watching a chick-flick. Watching Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in their reunion in The Runaway Bride made me realise – I WAS the runaway bride.

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I got engaged:)

Life is scary and the universe only knows that life with my Mr. X will always be exciting and unpredictable in many things. But of one thing I can always be sure – of his love for me, of him always acting in the best interest for us, even if we have to be apart at times.
“YES!” Yes, I will marry you, I think I kept on saying. I don’t really remember any more, it’s all a bit of a blur.

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The heart of a woman needs a demigod

Men…are not women. Nature needs these two forces to keep life going. We women love to feel protected, no matter how strong we are. And men need our joy to feel alive. Sex is part of that joy. This will never change.
And if we mess with nature as the Chinese did, preventing girls to be born, then nature will gift men with more feminine hormones and energy to restore the balance.

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Do we Need the Neediness?

As far as I’m concerned, neediness is a curse. I used to be one of the neediest women you could imagine. The lack of attention and love in my childhood made me a nightmare as a partner and if I didn’t get enough attention (and believe me, it was never enough), I found a way to blame my partner for my unhappiness.

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Your partner’s baggage can be a great thing

Becoming a step mother has actually raised my confidence. How?
Trying to take care of myself wasn’t enough. It helped but it didn’t do the trick for me. Taking on responsibility for others, decide to lead them and allow to humbly learn from these children just as well, this is where the magic lies.


The Latino Trouble

So I chatted with a lot of people, trying to understand their motivations when it came to love. I’ve found an interesting essay online about the dynamics between men and women in Latin America and I wanted to confirm if the essay was right.

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The Struggle of Cultures

A good friend of mine just shared an incredible experience. You see, she’s from Poland, her husband is from Greece. From the very start they were like cats and dogs, fighting all the time, but funnily enough they could agree on all the major things they both wanted in life. He clearly loves her but the fighting wouldn’t stop, not even with the cute baby they got soon after they married. She didn’t give up, she really tried to accept his ways but when her mother visited them and tried to help in the household by shopping, she had to discover that her daughter was shaking when she brought home 12 eggs instead of 6. That’s right. Why?


FILM – Shaft and Manliness

I’ve decided to do a series of articles in between to bitch about a movie now and then. Either bitching or raving, we shall see 😉 Yesterday I’ve watched the latest Shaft movie with my partner. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while! But obviously I’m not going to go into cinematic details of how well it was filmed or directed, let’s look at the central topic of the movie which is the embodiement of manliness and why that is – perfect for our discussions.

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